Star Trek: Enterprise: Schedule

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Enterprise's third season began September 10, 2003. The show regularly airs at 7:00pm CT/MT, 8:00pm ET/PT.
As of "Extinction", the show has been renamed from Enterprise to Star Trek: Enterprise.

53 9/10/03053 "The Xindi"
54 9/17/03054 "Anomaly"
== Name changed to "Star Trek: Enterprise" ==
55 9/24/03055 "Extinction"
5610/01/03056 "Rajiin" (was "Enemy Advances")
5710/08/03057 "Impulse"
5810/15/03058 "Exile"
10/22/03053R "The Xindi"
5910/29/03059 "The Shipment"
6011/05/03060 "Twilight"
6111/12/03061 "North Star"
6211/19/03062 "Similitude"
6311/26/03063 "Carpenter Street"
12/03/03054R "Anomaly"
12/10/03055R "Extinction"
12/17/03056R "Rajiin"
12/24/04057R "Impulse"
12/31/04058R "Exile"
1/07/04 059R "The Shipment"
641/14/04 064 "Chosen Realm"
651/21/04 065 "Proving Ground"
1/28/04 060R "Twilight"
662/04/04 066 "Strategem"
672/11/04 067 "Harbinger"
682/18/04 068 "Doctor's Orders"
692/25/04 069 "Hatchery"
703/03/04 070 "Azati Prime"
-- Move to 8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT --
3/10/04061R"North Star"
-- Move to two episodes per week --
3/24/04063R"Carpenter Street"[7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT]
3/24/04064R"Chosen Realm" [8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT]
3/31/04065R"Proving Ground" [7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT]
3/31/04066R"Strategem" [8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT]
4/07/04067R"Harbinger" [7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT]
4/07/04068R"Doctor's Orders" [8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT]
-- Move to 7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT --
4/14/04070R"Azati Prime"
714/21/04071 "Damage"
724/28/04072 "The Forgotten"
735/05/04073 ""
745/12/04074 "The Council"
755/19/04075 "Countdown"
765/26/04076 "Zero Hour" [season finale]
6/02/04053RR"The Xindi" [7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT]
6/02/04054RR"Anomaly" [8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT]
6/09/04055RR"Extinction"[7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT]
6/09/04056RR"Rajiin" [8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT]
6/30/04059RR"The Shipment" [7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT]
6/30/04060RR"Twilight" [8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT]
7/07/04061RR"North Star" [7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT]
7/07/04062RR"Similitude" [8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT]
7/14/04063RR"Carpenter Street"[7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT]
7/14/04064RR"Chosen Realm" [8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT]
7/21/04065RR"Proving Ground" [7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT]
7/21/04066RR"Strategem" [8pm CT/MT, 9pm ET/PT]
7/28/04-- [Pre-empted: "Amish in the City"]
[*1] 068RR"Doctor's Orders"
-- Move to Fridays, 7pm CT/MT, 8pm ET/PT --
8/06/04069R "Hatchery"
8/13/04071R "Damage"
8/20/04072R "The Forgotten"
8/27/04073R ""
9/03/04074R "The Council"
9/10/04075R "Countdown"
9/17/04076R "Zero Hour"
9/24/04-- [Pre-empted]
10/01/04-- [Pre-empted]

[*1] - "Doctor's Orders" aired over in Enterprise's weekend repeat timeslot, for those UPN stations which air repeats, on either July 31 or August 1, 2004. It did not air as a part of the regular UPN schedule.

"R" indicates a repeat. Episodes are shown at 7:00pm CT/MT, 8:00pm ET/PT unless otherwise noted.