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This blog is all about David Henderson. Things that he does and things happen to him, things that he thinks about and things that think about him.


+ 1 - 1 | § Patches I update II

Patches I stayed in our room last night. She had food and water available, but she didn't eat anything, and I don't think she drank anything, either. She has been accepting the medicine at least, though we have to hold her mouth open to take it.

I'm really getting worried here.


+ 0 - 2 | § The 3-dollar barrier is broken

Gas prices jumped forty cents overnight. When I purchased gas yesterday, it was $2.799, which was a fairly common price among various gas stations in the area. This morning, I could almost not believe my eyes when I saw it going for $3.199. Fortunately, I found one station which had not yet raised its prices, so I filled half-way up at $2.839.



+ 0 - 2 | § Patches I update

Patches I is sick. She was under our bed last night, and when I took her out from under there, I found that she did not look at all well. Her fur had not been groomed recently, she had a black discharge from her left eye, and there was an odd sticky substance below her mouth. Also, she had apparently peed on the carpet in the room.

She looked so bad that I didn't want to wait until morning to take her to the vet, once I found out there was a 24-hour emergency animal clinic, and just down the road from us (I'd passed by there scores of times and had never even noticed what the building was). So we took her in and had her examined. While initially it looked like it might be a kidney problem, the diagnosis turned more toward a bacterial infection of the liver or small intestine when lab results came back. She was also dehydrated (despite having sufficient water available). The doctor gave her an injection to help with the dehydration, and prescribed a general antibiotic since the results were inconclusive as to what type of infection was involved.

She came back home, and this morning we took her into the regular vet to be examined in more detail. The doctor said it was very likely the small intestine, since the liver chemicals were all at normal levels, but there might also (or instead) be a problem with the pancreas, and he wanted to keep her for examination and to run a couple more tests. They've kept her all day; I don't know if they will need to keep her overnight or if she'll be ready to come home soon.

Please keep Patches I in your prayers today. She's very precious to me and I really hope that she will have a full recovery from whatever's wrong.


+ 2 - 0 | § Lincoln Museum

Josh and I went down to the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield this past Saturday. The price wasn't bad ($7.50 per person), and the presentation was incredibly good.

The exhibit on the lives of Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth, particularly the timeline of the final day, was very well done. I don't recall learning in history class that there had actually been a conspiracy to simultaneously assassinate President Lincoln, Vice President Johnson, the President's Chief of Staff, and perhaps General Grant, where only one of the conspirators reached his goal, but this exhibit went into detail on each of those involved, including what their fate was.

The exhibit on the war and slavery was very moving. Lifelike wax sculptures of a slave family being sold off to multiple buyers, the debate on whether the Emancipation Proclamation went too far or not far enough, a time-lapse look at the entire war in four minutes, and a number of artifacts (authentic or recreated) from the slaves really brought the past to life for me.

The gift shop had a number of interesting and amusing items. Among the sillier merchandise was a Lincoln-head on a stick, where you squeeze a handle at the bottom of the stick, and the head at the top lifts up, so you can pretend he's talking to you. Among the more ornate items was a collection of china dishes that are apparently recreations of the style Mrs. Lincoln purchased for the White House.

I really enjoyed my visit, and I highly recommend it.


+ 0 - 2 | § Quickies

Didn't go to the gym Thursday due to preoccupation. Didn't go Friday because Mom visited us. Didn't go Saturday because I was in the St. Louis area.

Elaborating on that last point, on Saturday and Sunday, I went down with Josh to meet his dad and grandmother. We took his dad out to supper Saturday night, and he seemed quite friendly. His grandmother is a very sweet woman, and funny, too. We took her out to breakfast Sunday morning, since it was her birthday.

Backtracking a bit, as we were leaving Peoria, the car's tire blew out. We got the temporary tire installed (with the help of a friendly policeman who stopped by to assist). Fortunately, we were still on I-474, so we didn't have to go far to get back to town. But none of the shops we visited seemed to have the type of tire that was installed on the car. So we had to go home and switch cars.

The Psi Phi Activities Fair was Monday. We got 41 people to sign up.

In other news, I apparently have pinkeye. Avoid me temporarily! I'm contagious! Unfortunately, this means that I have to skip out on Doug and Misty's rehearsal dinner tonight, since they obviously want to keep Zoey and Alayna away from the potential infection. But Josh is still going, so he'll fill me in on what I'll be doing in the actual wedding next Friday.


+ 1 - 1 | § Update on Ronnie

After we both calmed down this morning, Josh and I talked about things. In the interest of Josh's privacy, I'll omit the exact details, but the result is that Ronnie is back from the pound.

I think Patches II missed him even more than I did.


Mood: relieved

+ 1 - 1 | § Bye, Ronnie


Ronnie was taken to the pound today.


+ 1 - 1 | § Gym update

Didn't go Monday night, because an appointment I'd had scheduled for 8pm got moved back to 7pm, which didn't leave me enough time between work and the appointment.

Tuesday night, I tried a variety of weight machines. There were three or four that worked various arm muscles (mostly different ones, but there was a bit of overlap), two that worked leg muscles, and one that worked the back. I did three sets of ten reps on each, except for two machines where I couldn't complete the third set with the weights set as they were. After the weights, I walked two tenths of a mile on the track. Thanks to a "fat-burning" shake I purchased, my weight actually increased this time, from ##0.20 to ##0.55. (This ## is one more than the previous.) That's alright, though. I know variations from one day to the next are normal.

Didn't go Wednesday night, because I was feeling poorly. I'd stayed home from work that morning due to a major headache (getting the occasional minor headache isn't out of the ordinary for me, but this was much more intense than most), and although I did get out that afternoon, to accompany Josh to look at another possible location for the wedding and to meet with a caterer, I still didn't feel all that great.

I'm feeling better this morning; hopefully I'll be able to get back to the gym tonight.


+ 1 - 1 | § Gym Pass, Day One

Josh and I each got a one-week free pass to a local gym, and we took our first day on Sunday. I'll try to document my progress here as the week goes by.

We started working on some sort of stepper thing on the second floor... it was about halfway between a stair climber and a stationary bike, if that makes any sense. I lasted about five minutes on that before I had to stop because I couldn't breathe. I decided to skip the virtual stepping and do some real stepping, by walking around the track. I did two tenths of a mile (two laps) before Josh called me over and showed me how to set the machine for something that I could more easily handle. With the machine in an easier mode, I was able to get back to work my leg muscles a bit more. Still, after a few more minutes my legs were worn out and I had difficulty walking downstairs to the water fountain.

After taking a drink, I looked around the weight machines to find one that looked interesting. I found one that worked the chest and biceps, so I did a few reps on that at the lowest weight setting. Still, at the end my muscles were starting to give out.

Overall, I think it was a good initial workout. I'll try to return each day this week to get the most out of my free pass, though I may not be able to make it each day.

To keep track: My initial weight was ##9.65, and my final weight was ##9.20.


+ 0 - 2 | § The Long Road

Sunday night and last night, Josh and I took our first steps toward actually planning the wedding.

Sunday's task was starting the guest list. I've got a lot of people that I'd like to invite... family members, of course; several good friends, past and present, in Psi Phi; and a few friends from church. But Josh's list isn't as long, because most of his friends are back in Colorado, and although some will be able to make it out here, not all of them will be able to. We do have some friends in common, such as our neighbors Steve and Serena. I'm a little concerned that things will be a bit lopsided... but I also don't want to not invite people just so things are more even. So that's something we'll need to keep working on.

Monday after work, we went to a florist downtown, to get ideas for decorations. The owner, Dave, actually provided a lot of assistance in helping us know what sorts of things we need to decide before the flowers are picked out. He drove us around to look at a few places downtown where we might choose to have the ceremony and/or reception, and gave us several other ideas of places to consider. He also gave us ideas on catering and invitations. There's really a lot that goes into these things.


+ 2 - 0 | § House update

Here's how things currently stand...

Living Room
* Old curtains taken down; new curtains ordered from JC Penney.
* New couch found for $25 at Goodwill. Includes pull-out bed. Quite nice.
* Little two-tier end tables taken from my bedroom and wherever the other one was, now used as end tables for the couch.
* Wood table from basement used as table in front of couch.
* Lots of stuff (boxes, bathroom sink, mattress, etc.) blocking path from living room to hallway, but path to kitchen (and from there to hallway) is open.
* New lock for front door purchased at Menard's.

Dining Room
* Most of my collection of Star Trek books on the dining room table (same one that came with the house). One end of table now usable for eating.
* Four chairs purchased for $32 (total) from some second-hand shop around table.
* Pepsi clock on wall.

* Main refrigerator/freezer still needs last stuff cleaned out after power outage.
* Very old, smallish black refrigerator purchased for $6 at estate sale. Currently empty and unplugged. Somewhat noisy. Plan is to move main refrigerator to basement, then use smaller fridge for current week's planned food.
* New microwave replaced the two old ones, neither of which worked very well.
* Patches II's food, water, and litterbox are in this room.

* Tub (with jacuzzi jets) installed. Not yet usable as shower, just bath.
* Sink not re-installed yet.
* Most drywall torn out. Need to tear the rest out to save money for when new drywall is installed (in a couple weeks).
* Heat lamp and fan installed by Schwartz Electrical; exhaust from fan redirected to roof vent by Danco.
* Ronnie's food, water, and litterbox are in this room.

Front bedroom:
* Used as storage area for now. Will become guest room.

Back bedroom:
* Needs to be cleaned out.

Master bedroom:
* Sleigh bed, armoire, dresser, two nightstands, and bench purchased from JC Penney and installed.
* Carpet installed by Lowe's.
* TV and DVD player installed in armoire.

Basement: unfinished half:
* Computer set up here; needs to be moved in next few days.
* New washer/dryer installed by Sears.
* New exhaust pipe (metal--old one was plastic) from dryer installed by Danco and run through crawlspace.
* New heating/air conditioning unit installed by Danco.
* Six-way cable splitter installed to allow future expansion to most rooms of the house.
* Utility sink now drains directly to sump pump area.
* New sump pump installed by Trouble-Free Plumbing.
* Star Trek books which have been catalogued but not shelved yet are temporarily stored here.
* Patches I's food, water, and litterbox are in this area.

Basement: finished half:
* New sectional couch, end tables, television stand, and main table installed by JC Penney; moved to the far end of the room.
* Widescreen TV, DVD player, VCR, digital cable decoder, record player, and stereo set up on television stand.
* Ceiling lights by television area installed with dimmer switch.
* New shelves bought from (from their Target store) and built: Two tall shelves for DVDs; two short shelves for books. Not yet assembled: four more short shelves for books.
* TV show DVDs and TV movie DVDs nearly fill one shelf. Other movies about half-fill the other shelf.
* Some Star Trek books have been moved to the new bookshelves. Others await cataloguing and the building of more shelves.

* New roof installed by Cook Quality Construction (back in April).
* New hasta plants planted around the base of the evergreen tree by Mom (transplanted from her house).
* New JFK rose bush purchased at Lowe's (half price because it's late in the season) and planted in front yard by the sidewalk.
* New garden hose purchased at Wal*Mart to water the flowers.

I think that pretty much covers it.


+ 1 - 1 | § Shave and a haircut... three cats!

Yesterday, when Josh was out getting Patches II's rabies shot records to get his tag, he found another little tiny kitten. Despite my suggestion of "Patches III", Josh has named him Ronnie, after Ronald Reagan. His is a sad story, but I'll let Josh blog about it if he wants to.

Also, last night we drove to Bloomington to pick up my brother Dan, who is staying here just for today, and whom we will be returning tonight.

When my Mom was over last weekend, Josh said something about wanting to shave off my beard and moustache. He's wanted to do this before, and I've said "No" each time. This time, I put a pricetag on it... $100. Josh said he could pay that, but I insisted that this had to be "new money", i.e. money entering our household that wouldn't otherwise be there. Mom didn't want to pay $100 to see me shaved, so that seemed to be the end of that.

Well, Josh and Dan conspired last night... Josh drove Dan to an ATM and Dan withdrew $100 from his account. They returned home, led me to a chair, picked up a towel to lay over my shirt while Josh worked, and gave me the money. Well, I was pretty much trapped. I hadn't set a time limit on the offer, and here was $100 in new money. I guess I could've refused the money, but we sort of need more of that right now, so...

My face feels so naked now.

Pictures of the cat will be forthcoming. Pictures of my cheekbones will not.


+ 0 - 2 | § Swowwen wips

I went to the dentist this mowning, and now the weft side of my wips is swowwen. It's a vewy stwange feewing, and I don't wemembew this happening wast time, when they worked on the wight side of my mouth... so I'm wondeh if this is supposed to be happening.

Hopefuwwy the swewwing wiww go down watew this aftewnoon.